Sunday, July 11, 2010

Family Reunion

Finally! Family Reunion pictures are up. Sorry for the wait everyone!

A month or so ago I got to have a reunion with my Dad's side of the family in Ventura, and what a joy it was. It was so great to see everyone and have them all together, especially to see my Grandmother. I had the opportunity to take some pictures of them fam, and unfortunately some of them got lost in the shuffle, but the majority of them were salvaged and those are the ones you see here. It's definantly a different dynamic working with a large group (especially groups with children! gotta love those kiddos :) ) But it was a great experience.

Big thanks to my boyfriend Chris for actually snapping the group photos since I had to be in them.

And to the Fam- if you want prints or copies of these just let me know, I can get prints for cheap!

Hope you enjoy and love you all!