Monday, August 30, 2010


So this past weekend I got the chance to go up to San Francisco with Chris and Reid, which was very exciting because I haven't been since I was 7 and have been wanting to go since I got to Brooks.

How do I sum up my thoughts on SF? Well, for starters, its extremely cold! Its the end up august and I had 3 layers on. I felt like I was in New York City in October. In fact I felt like San Fran as a whole was kind of like a wannabe NYC. And I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way, it's just that I felt like despite the cable cars and lombard st. and the golden gate bridge, their were alot of similarities. It was like I was in a dream; you know, where you dream of a place you know really well, but its always slightly different because it is a dream. I felt like I was dreaming of NYC, but was actually in SF. If that makes any sense. When I was walking around Golden Gate Park I had to keep telling myself I wasn't in Central Park. It was very strange.

Anyways, I got to see alot of things in a matter of 2 days, including: golden gate bridge, Salculito, Pier 39, ride a cable car, China town, eat at Fog City Diner (which has the most amazing cheddar biscuits with apple rosemary brown butter, omg, it changed my life. I'm kicking myself for not having brought my camera for that dinner), photograph a ballerina in the park with my holga, take lots of holga shots in general, walk around a 3 story Forever 21, eat cupcakes, eat a Ghiradeli hot fudge sundae, see ashbury and haight, eat clam chowder in a boudin bread bowl, see a homeless man bark at people like a dog and then have the cops come after him with a less-than-lethal-gun, and of course, the highlight of the trip: the infamous Bush Man.

Phew. Thats a lot.

And not only all of that but Reid took us around where we stayed for the weekend, San Carlos. And I was pleasently surpised at how lovely that little town is, and even more lovely are the local eats. We had some BOMB pizza at "The Speederia" (which again, I wish I would have brought my camera for). And then, I found out there was a local cupcake shop. I was on that like white on rice. I made sure to grab my camera this time. Along the way we found a great little wine bar Reid knew of called "The Cask" , and although we didn't get the chance to eat here, we got to taste a great little Moscato (picture below). Thanks to the oober nice bartender that gave us a taste! (I thanked her later with a red velvet cupcake :) )

Then, for the (even better) good stuff.

"Vanilla Moon" , is the cutest little cupcake shop where the atmosphere is almost as cute as the cupcakes themselves. I've had Sprinkles in LA, and Crush Cakes in Santa Barbara, but Vanilla Moon wins "Best Cupcake I've Ever Had" as far as I am concerned. I think its the cream cheese frosting. It's unbelievable. Its much more moist than sprinkles in general, even the cake part. And I think Chris put it nicely as he was finishing his mini red velvet cupcake "I just don't want it to end".

Naturally I bought red velvet, as well as chocolate with cream cheese frosting, and a chocolate chip cupcake. All mini sizes.

If your ever in the Bay area I highly recommend Vanilla Moon. Your sweet tooth will thank you!

Monday, August 23, 2010

1971 Rally

This bike has got to be one of the most unique colors I've ever seen, let alone had the opportunity to photograph. I was told by the owner that this specific model was only made in two colors: orange, and this yellow-ish green color called "chrome yellow". So, here it stands. Original paint and true to it's color.

Shot in the cove at Jefferson campus.

Special thanks to Val for letting me photograph his scooter, and to all my assistants for the day for their help: Chris, Thomas, Tucker.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1966 Vespa....Retro Style

So this bike is fairly similar to the other Red scooter I shot, just a year later, a little bit darker paint, and has some pretty awesome retro tires on it. This was also shot at the mission, but it looks pretty Tuscan is you ask me!

Special thanks to Brian for letting me photograph his scoot, and to Reid for being a big help!

Ciao :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

1958 Beauty

Yesterday I got to photograph 1958 Vespa that has been fully restored. This scooter is flawless, truly a beauty! These were taken at the Mission in Santa Barbara, which ended up being a great location for this scooter.

Special thanks to Will for letting me photograph his beautiful scooter, and extra thanks for recommending Brian's scooter to me! And to Reid also for being a big help.

Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vintage Vera

Another Vespa shoot! This time I got to photograph a 1978 Silver PrimaVera that has NOT been restored (which made it that much cooler!). There is a great location near SB that I thought would compliment Vera's original character well, and I think the combination of the two of them made for some deliciously vintage images.

Special thanks to Suzanne for letting me photograph her scooter, and to the beautiful Christina for being the perfect model for these shots! :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Apple Candy Red-licious!

So I got to shoot my first Vintage for this sessions project, and I'm really stoked on it. It's a 1965 Super Sport Vespa and just happens to be my favorite color. Score! Needless to say this was a dream come true to shoot.

Oh, and I might have some 'splanin' to do about the "rear" shot. Funny story. What do you do when your model shows up with clothes that don't work to well for your shoot? Take them off of course! I'd like to thank Natalie for not only wearing underwear the day of shoot, but for happening to wear a red thong. Amazing. So convenient that they both have a nice rear :)

Special thanks to Kris Klein for letting me photograph "Lola" !

Hope you guys like, I will be shooting three more this weekend so lots of editing and posts to come!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maui Wowie

Hello There!

Finally got around to editing some of the pictures from Maui this year. I really didn't use my camera much, I just wanted to enjoy being in Hawaii. That seems to be what I've done on alot of getaways lately. Sometimes you just have to put the camera down and experience it rather than photograph it. But, regardless, here are some shots I ended up with that were some of my favs.

Hope you like!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Vespa Shot

Hello everyone,

I shot for the first time in the Cove today and it was a very cool experience. The shoot was mainly to do a test run for lighting and angles for when I shoot other vintage vespas for my project this session, but regardless I got a shot out of it that I'm really happy with.

As long as everything goes to plan I should have more of these shots being posted soon.

Special thanks for Alex for letting me photograph his scooter, and to Chris for being an amazing help today.