Thursday, April 10, 2014

French Macarons

It's funny how inspiration can find you in the most random places. I was shopping at Nordstrom's Rack last night and stumbled upon these adorable trinket dishes. It had "food prop" written all over it so I quickly snatched them up. It wasn't too long before macarons became the obvious subject matter due to their colorful aesthetic.  The only bummer is I can't eat any of these sweets (gluten and nut allergy--boo)! 

Props: Rosanna Inc. (dishes), tabletop (handmade by me)
Sweets: Merely Sweets in Brea, CA {macaron flavors: raspberry(pink), beige(green tea), blue (vanilla bean), yellow(lemon), green(pistachio)},Raspberry Windsor Cookie 
Flowers: Chamomile from Trader Joe's 


Friday, April 4, 2014

Casey St. John Interiors collaboration in Austin, TX


Last month I got to travel back to Austin to collaborate with two great interior designers, Amy Casey and Courtney St. John of Casey St. John Interiors based out of Vail, CO. The duo of lovely ladies dressed up two great homes in the Austin area, and it was a blast working together and fusing our creative visions. Here are some of my favorites:

Austin Hill Country Home

Horseshoe Bay Home

Hope you enjoyed!