Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bastrop Fire Victims Relief

Hello There

As someone who has grown up in Southern California, I have become familiar with the danger of wildfires and the threat they pose not only to nature, but people's homes, lives, and memories. Recently in my new home of Central Texas, there was a devastating fire that scorched over 34,000 acres of earth and burned down 1,386 homes outside of Austin in a city called Bastrop. Although I have had fires come within miles of my own home back in California, I have never actually experienced the loss of everything in a fire, and can hardly begin to wrap my mind around it.

After the fires were contained back in September, I decided I wanted to do a shoot out in the burn area. It started out as just an idea to capture what happened in Bastrop, and then evolved into a new thought. A thought to try and use my artwork to help benefit those who have lost so much.

Christina Svec, my model for this project, was also an inspiration for this idea. Christina decided to donate her services as a hairstylist to help benefit the victims of the fire. She was able to raise almost $500 by donating what she would have made in the salon straight back to into a fund for the victims. Such a simple idea, but a brilliant one.

So, my friends, with these photos I intend to sell prints and donate 100% of the proceeds to the victims of the fires. If you have the heart to buy some art for a good cause, are a moved to do so, please follow the link below. Otherwise, spread the word to those you think would enjoy this type of giving.

I know any amount of money can't bring back the homes these people had, but I hope this donation can bring some sort of relief to the families.

Thank you and God Bless,
-Kailey J. Flynn


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