Thursday, April 10, 2014

French Macarons

It's funny how inspiration can find you in the most random places. I was shopping at Nordstrom's Rack last night and stumbled upon these adorable trinket dishes. It had "food prop" written all over it so I quickly snatched them up. It wasn't too long before macarons became the obvious subject matter due to their colorful aesthetic.  The only bummer is I can't eat any of these sweets (gluten and nut allergy--boo)! 

Props: Rosanna Inc. (dishes), tabletop (handmade by me)
Sweets: Merely Sweets in Brea, CA {macaron flavors: raspberry(pink), beige(green tea), blue (vanilla bean), yellow(lemon), green(pistachio)},Raspberry Windsor Cookie 
Flowers: Chamomile from Trader Joe's 


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