Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Osthoff Lake Resort and Spa

The last leg of the trip was a scenic drive from central Wisconsin over to Elkhart Lake, a small resort town located toward the east side of the state. While my stay was short, this little town and the Osthoff Resort itself was nothing short of magical. The scenery, the colors, the charm. Everything was picture perfect, and I cannot wait to come back.

The Aspira Spa

This is the kind of spa you'd expect to find in big name resort towns like Palm Springs, Miami, and Sedona. But this hidden gem is tucked away unassumingly in Wisconsin. The facilities, range of treatments, and staff are all top notch. I was thoroughly impressed and lucky enough to enjoy a cranberry inspired pedicure and a divine back massage. You can find out more about this wonderful slice of Heaven here.

Osthoff Resort

Postcard, anyone? This resort has so much history behind it which only adds to its charm. Not to mention it is lake front and the perfect place to take a memorable nature walk. And although I don't have a picture of it, the beds in the room were how everyone hopes their vacation bed would feel.

Star trails at Elkhart Lake

This night was the ultimate set up for star trails: clear skies, no wind, barely any light pollution, and only a sliver of a moon in the night sky. These may not be my favorite star trail images I've ever created in a technical sense, but I definitely created my favorite memories of the trip while doing these star trails. Let's just say it involved a group of new friends, a golf course, and a really bad bottle of cranberry wine.

Thank you so very much to the generosity of the infamous and wonderful Lola of the Osthoff Resort, the Aspira Spa for letting me capture images of your wonderful services when it is normally not allowed, and Geiger PR for making it all happen in the first place!

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