Monday, April 11, 2016

The Palm House in Vienna

When I think back to the mere 1.5 days I had in Vienna, the visit to the Palm House in the Schönbrunn Palace gardens sticks out in my mind vividly. The entire Schönbrunn complex is worth dedicating an entire day to, because it is just that vast and overwhelmingly gorgeous. And it is absolutely worth it to spend the extra 5 euros to gain admission to the Palm House.

What is it, exactly? Well, it's essentially a Steampunk looking greenhouse. It has 3 different simulated climates and plants to match each of those environments. Most of these plants were things I had never seen before, and I didn't expect to see such exotic things inside of this vintage dreamland. 

But best of all was the feeling of being transported to another world; a lush garden world that is serene and smells like Heaven. My senses were so overwhelmed that I had to sit down and absorb the ambience for a good 20 minutes. It was a nice getaway from the run around that we all inevitably do when we are tourists in a new place. 

And can we just talk about the white staircases for a minute? Obsessed...